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What Is Responsive Web Design?

Traditionally, responsive web design means stretching and shrinking your site to fit different screen sizes. However, we take it a step further by using different design features for different devices as well. For example, a Click-to-Call button will appear on a mobile device, but not a tablet or desktop. The experience and the needs of a visitor can greatly differ between a mobile and desktop device, and we make sure that our content and designs consistently reflect that.

Traditional desktop-only sites are simply not viable anymore. One study suggests that nearly half of digital media time is spent on mobile devices, with tablets accounting for an additional 12 percent. With just a third of time left over for desktop devices, from this you can see that websites should be built mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly, and desktop-friendly. That’s why we use what’s called responsive web design


A standard, successful website is made from a blend of beautiful design, clearly written content and a well-thought-out conversion funnel. And all of that’s great, but who wants to just be ‘standard,’ when you can be so much more?

Responsive web design allows you to maximize your website’s potential as a customer-conversion machine. Our designs let you create a visitor experience that is highly engaging and speaks directly to your potential customers’ needs.

We deliver professional, high-quality responsive websites for our clients that evoke emotion and improve interaction. Simply put, our design work delivers real, measurable results.

Our state-of-the-art features are proven to increase search engine ranking, boost sales, and deliver a better overall experience across every device type.


Is Your Business Ready For The Multi-Screen World?

mobile phone showing responsive website

Devices Are Diversifying

An impressive 64% of mobile phone owners now use their devices to access the web.

Desktop Only Websites No Longer Viable

The average person uses a combination of 3 different screens every day.

Thinking Of Getting A Website?

61% of visitors will abandon a website that isn’t mobile friendly.

Go Multi-Screen To Gain More Customers

Getting a website that works with desktop, tablet and mobile, brings so many benefits to your business. It’s great for being found in Google search on every kind of device, delivers a dynamite user experience to your site visitors, and future-proofs your website as more and more types of internet-connected devices come on to the market.

Responsive multi-screen web design Bournemouth


We employ cutting-edge web design styles and techniques to deliver a sleek, modern look.

Customized By Device

Your site can be customized by device to optimise the user experience for all screen sizes.

Unique Branding

Your website is an extension of your company’s brand and we’ll work with you to capture your unique voice and personality.


Custom page URLs and meta tags to improve search engine visibility and drive traffic to your site.

Keyword Control

Full control to change the keywords to help refine your site’s ranking on all major search engines.

Long Term Effects

We provide basic SEO for every new site. Then watch your search engine rankings improve over time.


Business driving features that we can build into your site to increase conversion such as…


A map feature ensures your customers will always be able to find their way to your door.

Click To Call

A click to call button that shows on mobile devices but not on desktop or tablet.

And That’s Just A Few Of The Things!

Building a beautiful website is only half the battle—you also need a website that can perform.

Here’s some other features that we can build into your site to increase conversion…

Online Scheduling

Book meetings and other events 

Contact Form

Essential to allow customers to contact you via email.

Restaurant Menu

Sell food? Let your customers know what’s on offer.

Photo Gallery

Showcase your work in a photo gallery.

Shopping Cart

Sell your products and services online.

File Upload

Allow visitor to send you images and other files.

Twitter Feed

Showcase your social media chatter, grow your audience.

About Us Section

Let your visitors know more about your company.

YouTube Video

Use video to promote your products & services.

Client Testimonials

Feature previous clients positive comments on your work.

Lead Capture Form

Build your email list of potential customers.

Facebook Like

Like button to get likes on your Facebook page.

Business Hours

Let your customers know when you are available.

Social Sharing

Helps you get likes and shares on social networks.

Image Slider

Feature your products with a photo image slider.

Facebook Comments

Show your visitors Facebook comments on your website.

Business Blog

Use blogging to get your business more online visibility.

FAQ Section

Answer customer questions before they get asked.

Blue items included in our standard responsive web design packages. Red items may incur an additional charge.

…And probably anything else you can think of!


Why Work With Us

Better Overall Experience

So now you know the nuts and bolts of our website building process, and you have a better understanding of the features that we offer. But what all of this really comes down to is, at the end of the day, we want to help our clients be successful.

We’ve found the only way to accomplish these goals is to build a special relationship with our clients through a constant process of communication and feedback. If we’re going to carry out our promise of delivering a personal and incredible website experience to your potential customers, we also need to deliver a personal experience to you.

Pricing Isn't Responsive Web Design Expensive?

If you thought responsive web design was expensive, think again! Take a look at our pricing tables below, you can purchase your new website outright or you can rent it from us on a monthly basis.

There’s no difference in design whether you rent or buy a responsive website from us.

Check out our prices, we are sure you will be impressed…

Small Business Responsive Web Design

From £149.00

or Rent From Just…

£14.99 Per Month

e-Commerce Responsive Web Design

From £449.00

or Rent From Just…

£39.99 Per Month

Internet Marketing Responsive Web Design

From £129.00

or Rent From Just…

£11.99 Per Month

Bespoke Responsive Web Design

£ Ask Us


Want Something Different?

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Rent A Website

Instead of buying a website outright why not rent a website? Choosing to rent your website from Viable Web Design can free you from hefty upfront financial outlay and control your cashflow more effectively. All our responsive web design package deals are offered as a ‘Buy Out’ or on a ‘Pay As You Go’ basis.

From Only £11.99 A Month

Thats Less Than 40p Per Day For A Responsive Website Designed And Built For You! The Same Web Design Process – You Simply Rent It Instead Of Buying It.

Mobile phone and laptop showing responsive web design

Do I Really Need A Responsive Website?

A website is an essential tool for every small business or organization, it is your “shop front” to the world giving you the opportunity to reach out to your customers and tell them what you are about. Create the right impression online from the outset and your business will explode.

We have found that many small businesses do not have a website because the cost of outweighs the need. Quite simply many small business owners do not have a need to directly sell their products on the internet via multi page e-commerce sites.

However, imagine being able to showcase all of your products or services to potential customers and clients via a ‘Brochure’ type website.

Glass blower brochure website

Brochure Website

If you are a Trades person and are proud of your work, imagine the benefits of being able to send prospective clients to a place where they can see pictures of your professionally finished jobs, read about your company in detail and see positive comments about your work from previous customers, even on video if you wish.


Picture also the advertising potential of a website, everyday there are literally millions of people searching online for a variety of different products and services! It is generally expected nowadays for a business to have a web site, not only for prestige but as a useful advertising and contact tool. Customers will often search for your details online rather than the good old fashioned phone book!

e-Commerce Online Shop

Alternatively, you may have an existing business selling products from a traditional ‘Brick and Mortar’ Store. If so and you do not have a website, you are missing out on a huge increase in online sales.




An estimated 45.9 million people, that’s approx 87.9% of house holds in the UK have internet access! That amazing statistic (taken from the national statistics office) shows that people are using the internet more and more to find products and services. Potential customers with internet access will usually look on the internet first rather than look in the Yellow Pages.

Plus with the rise in popularity of ‘Smart’ mobile phones and tablets, many more people have access to the internet when they are away from home. All our websites are ‘Responsive’ meaning no matter whether you view your new site on a 21″ monitor or a small mobile smart phone, it will always display correctly.



With nearly half of digital media time being spent on mobile devices, with tablets accounting for an additional 12 percent; responsive web design allows your potential customers to gain easy access to your business no matter where they are when they need what you have to offer.

If all your competitors are doing business on the web, and you aren’t, you’re cutting down your slice of the market pie by not reaching out to those people who might be looking to compare prices and services. So if your competitors have a website, your customers will expect you to have one too, and building this part of your image will help build credibility and trust.

We believe our cutting edge, clean, multi-screen responsive designs will present a modern fresh image and appeal to your customers.

To ensure your business or organization portrays the best possible online image each new site comes with its own “.co.uk” or “.com” address, free hosting for the first year, professional email addresses and customer contact form as standard. As your business grows, we can add extra pages or make amendments to your site at any time.

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